Preparing for your service appointment:

Before our technician arrives at your home, take a moment to make sure you’re prepared for the appointment.  Here are a few things to do in preparation for your service appointment:

  • Know where the components of your heating and cooling system are located.
  • Be ready to explain clearly what symptoms or problems you’re having (or have had).
  • Know how long ago the issue began.
  • Make sure the system is accessible by the technician. If there is something blocking any of your equipment, please move it.
  • If your system’s products are in an attic or crawl space, please make it easily accessible.
  • Lock pets in a separate room so they don’t get in the way or get hurt.
  • Make sure there’s an adult (18 or over) home to legally allow entry to your home.
  • Be prepared to answer the phone. Many technicians will call to confirm the appointment on their way.
  • If you rent your home, make sure you have your landlord’s permission to have your system serviced.  Have your landlord’s name and phone number available – the technician will call the landlord to obtain authorization to service the unit.
  • If your heat pump or air conditioner is frozen and iced over, shut it off before the technician arrives so it’s thawed and ready for service.
  • Make available a file containing information on all prior services performed on your system.
  • Be prepared to make a payment to the technician – we accept credit cards, checks, or cash.

Basic trouble shooting items:

We do not recommend servicing your own HVAC equipment but there are a few things that you can safely check:

  • Make sure your thermostat is working and that it’s set to the proper mode.
  • Check your filter – a dirty air filter is a common cause of problems.
  • Check the breaker to make sure there is power to the unit.
  • Make sure the door on the furnace is closed.  The service door on the furnace has a safety switch that turns off the furnace when the door is open.
  • Check the ‘light’ switch.  Is the switch next to your furnace turned on?   This switch is the shutoff switch for your furnace.  Sometimes this switch is accidentally turned off.