About Us

We’ve been servicing HVAC systems since 1997 in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

Our satisfied customers know us for these principles:

  • Integrity -We provide accurate information, affordable prices, honesty and efficient service.  Each customer gets our very best.
  • Customer Protection -As a leading HVAC contractor, we are fully licensed and bonded.
  • Promptness and Courtesy – From our sales staff to our trained technicians, we strive to arrive on schedule, ready to provide the services you need.
  • Quality Products – We select proven and tested heating and air conditioning products to assure our valued customers are getting the best quality and value.
  • Professional – At our heating and air conditioning company we train our technicians on the products and technology that is constantly changing and we work to stay on top of every change.
  • Flat Rate Pricing – Our service technicians use flat rate pricing instead of time and material pricing when billing for service.  To our customers it is an “up-front price” which means we quote the cost upfront before we make any repairs so the customer knows the total investment before any work is done.
  • Education for Customers – Through our twenty years of service, we understand that we serve our customers best by helping them understand their choices so they can make the best decisions for their needs.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Completely satisfied customers are our most important assets.  We strive to provide outstanding customer service.  Our job isn’t done until you are satisfied.